WebMarshal TextCensor Sports Test

WebMarshal 6.X and WebMarshal 2006 Version

This page will trigger the "Sports" TextCensor script which is provided with WebMarshal 6.X, WebMarshal 2006, and earlier versions.

In WebMarshal 2006, by default this site will be added to the Sports category, and the domain will be classified as "Time Wasting". The page will not be blocked.

You must delete the domain from the Category before doing further rule testing.

Default actions in earlier versions differ.

Badminton Tournament

Round One Round Two Championship
  1. Knicks vs. Celtics
  2. Arsenal vs. Leeds
  3. Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur
  1. Winner game 1 vs. Pistons
  2. Winner game 2 vs. Winner game 3
  1. Winner game 4 vs. Winner game 5
  2. Loser game 4 vs. Loser game 5
    Third Place